Welcome to After Halving ($ATH)!

We are committed to be the leading and revolutionary passive income and community driven token ATH will provide passive income to our community members along with various benefits, reward will be distributed in form of ETH the #1 blockchain by total value locked today

About Us

We are ATH Coin, on a mission to recognize the urgent need for change in a world grappling with the adverse effects of fossil fuel overuse and electronic waste, we offer a unique opportunity for individuals to earn passive income while actively contributing to environmental causes.

9 Wonders of $ATH

  • Reflection of ETH
  • Anti Rugpull & Anti Whale Mechanism (Max 2%/Wallet & 0.5%/trx)
  • Auto Burn & LP
  • Meme comic & news
  • Unique collectibles NFT
  • Play to Earn
  • Mining with booster (Rewards in $ATH)
  • Listing Platform (be our stakeholder!)
  • Collaboration with Worldwide Foundation
We're dedicated to building a unique ecosystem. OUR MEME REALM comic strips and real-world use cases address pressing environmental issues while providing engaging content for our community.
With every transaction made through ATH Coin, our community members become part of a special mission to SAVE THE EARTH. Through collective action and awareness-building, we aim to combat climate change and promote sustainability for future generations.
JOIN IN OUR MISSION to save Meme Realm and Our Planet. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. SAVE MEME REALM, SAVE THE EARTH.

9 Wonders of $ATH

  • Reflection of ETH
  • Anti Rugpull & Anti Whale Mechanism (Max 2% / Wallet & 0.5%/trx)
  • Auto Burn & LP
  • Meme comic & news
  • Play to Earn
  • Mining with booster (Rewards in $ATH)
  • Listing Platform (be our stakeholder!)
  • Collaboration with Worldwide Foundation



Book of meme & News
Ease your crypto stress with our comic strip, eyes & mind off the chart for a while and enjoy our journey

Hall of meme
One of a kind NFT collection
with limited series

Earn more $ATH
from our mining utility.

Play to Earn
Simple and stress relief P2E, try your luck for Jackpot to earn more $ATH.

Listing Platform
Earn dividend (profit sharing) from our listing platform. Be the stakeholder!

Real-world use case
We’re collaborating with World Environment Foundation and take part to reduce damage on earth’s environmental issues.

official contract :

6% Buy Tax Allocation :
2% ETH reward, 2% Marketing, 1% Auto Burn, 1% LP

Total Supply: $ATH

10% Sell Tax Allocation :
3% ETH reward, 4% Marketing, 1% Auto Burn, 2% LP


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Our Roadmaps

Establishment and smart contract deployment
DEX listing
Comic strip
Mining dapps
Hall of Fame
News of meme
Dextools ads and BSC trend
Organic growth of 500 community members
Contract Renounced
$300k MC

Play to Earn
Comic strip
More marketing channels
Organic growth of 5,000 community members
CMC & CG Listing
$1,5M MC
Donation for environmental issues

Comic strip
Listing Platform
Big Marketing
Organic growth of 100,000 community members
CEX Listing
$10M MC


Listing On

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